About us

Patonych online-center was born on May 1, 2020. This is the first online psychological center in the world that not only talks about the importance of treating psychological disorders, but also offers solutions of these problems. We provide psychological assistance to everyone, regardless of borders and work all over the world. Our clients are from the USA, Ukraine, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Mexico, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece. The language barrier is not a problem for us.
The center's team consists of 20 specialists - psychotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists and a fitness trainer. Since May 1, 2020, 240 clients have completed our program and 98% of them have fully recovered. We work in 5 countries of the world and have conducted 3000 consultations and 80 therapeutic groups in 6 months of work.

Patonych online-center is a psychological clinic in your phone that provides high-quality and quick results. Clients achieve success in therapy, since we work not only with the client himself, but also with his family and the nearest environment. Psychotherapists, psychologists, dietitians work with you and your space at the same time. Group therapy, individual therapy, parent therapy groups, small groups, large groups – this all gives a quick and effective result. The practical absence of relapses proves the effectiveness of our work.


What is our job?

Our task is to be effective and at the same time accessible

Our app and website works in any gadget. Our clients can contact us at any time and with any problem - we provide 24/7 support. There is no need to wait for therapy and go somewhere - just go to the site. Acceptance and understanding is always available, any day, any time. We are already in your phone, you just have to press a button.

Our philosophy is to get acquainted person with himself

To teach you to love yourself regardless of the opinions of others and to awaken a taste for life. We see a person, not a separate problem. Acceptance of the personality as a whole, the study of all personal aspects helps the client to accept himself, to remove the problem and live in harmony and love with himself and with others. Empathy and the unique approach are the basis for the effectiveness of the psychotherapist's work.

Our mission is to make people free from imposed ideality stereotypes

Each person is unique and beautiful in its uniqueness - body, emotions, thoughts. We help people to realize that love cannot be earned and we help to know themselves, to accept and to love. Psychotherapy is the path to harmony with yourself, to a better version of yourself. We accompany and support clients on this way. The method of Valery Patonych is safe and does not contain rigid frameworks and restrictions.

Our reliable team is always happy to help

All the specialists of our center are active psychologists and psychotherapists who received the relevant specialized education, and then underwent specialization from leading specialists in various fields. Each of our employees has extensive experience in practice, owing to which clients have found a way to an integrated healthy life.

Our specialists continue to improve their qualifications and learn new things – to participate in seminars, trainings, courses and scientific conferences, and every six months they undergo personal supervision. Each psychologist and psychotherapist from our team is a professional who is in love with his work,

Get to know each of us individually to find “your” specialist.

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