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Personal Growth Therapy


The way how Personal Growth Trainings take place

Personal growth with the help of psychotherapy

Clients who have followed the Personal Growth Therapy start to see possibilities and not obstacles

Personal Growth Therapy

Personal Growth Therapy is a program developed as a result of successful work with clients.

Личностный рост

Personal growth is a positive personality change, an increase and disclosure of potentials, the forming and strengthening of personality supports. This is a process of self-development in all areas of life. For most people, when the word "personal growth" is mentioned, an enlightened and spiritual guru appears somewhere in a Tibetan monastery. But real personal growth is not a spiritual quest, but a very specific ability to live in society, to take responsibility for your life, to build healthy relationships with people, to overcome difficulties and to achieve goals. Without limiting beliefs and without taking into account of the other peoples’ opinions.

Personal growth psychotherapy

Therapy for personal growth is highlighted as a separate item, since here the work is not aimed at treating of mental disorders, but at working out the fears and attitudes of a healthy person. Owing to the therapy, self-esteem increases, a person begins to notice new opportunities and is not afraid to use them.

In addition, psychotherapy for personal growth gives:

  • acceptance of oneself, other people, the surrounding reality
  • a clear understanding of your strengths and the study of weaknesses
  • reliance on oneself and one’s own resources – intrinsic value, independence from the opinions and judgments of other people
  • getting rid of complexes and feelings of guilt
  • the ability to take responsibility for your life and your choice
  • feeling life in all its fullness.


Working out conditions that interfere to live a full life

I would like more. And something inside seems to press and prevent you from going forward. So people are afraid of a lot of money, because money is a responsibility. Or they do not move to a new job because “their swamp is closer.” Or are afraid to leave a relationship that is destroying. All these are different manifestations of fear to take responsibility for your life. To stand aside, not to stand out in anything, to achieve nothing. Did you dream about it?

What prevents you from living a full life?

  • Fears. A person may realize that the time has come to grow and expand horizons, but he is afraid and does not know which way to move.
  • Attitudes that come from the parental family and do not allow moving forward.
  • Injuries that are caused by previous negative experiences and limit the growth and development of the individual.
  • Low self-esteem, a feeling of inadequacy, dependence on the opinion of others, fear to declare oneself.
  • Reduced energy potential and lack of genuine interest in life.
  • Offenses, feelings of guilt and shame, discontent with the people around.

Successful examples of therapy

Example #1:

Larisa (name has been changed) is a woman with her own business, who did everything alone for her family. Adult sons who did not work and did not help her in any way about the house, her husband, who had been looking for job for the fifth year without success, but in fact was just watching TV. Larisa came to therapy with a request: How to make her husband find a job? We have reformulated her request: How to get rid of the belief “I do it myself!” and we started to work. There was a lot of resistance from Larisa, she interrupted therapy several times. But then she returned. We worked with her self-esteem, self-respect and femininity.

As a result, her husband never found a job. But Larissa decided not to be in this relationship anymore. She stopped providing for adult children. One of them is now helping her with the business. The second son went his own way, began to work as a bartender and to earn money on his own.

When a person changes, he can change the environment and the people around him.

Example #2:

Sergey (name has been changed) was offered a new interesting job with a good salary. When he came for an interview, he saw an expensive office, successful people, and … got scared. Sergey felt that he was not worthy of such a job, that he would not be able to cope, and it would be better to stay where he works now. With this request, he came to therapy. We worked through Sergey’s fears, his self-esteem and self-confidence. Now he is a successful person in his job. If you look at him you believe hardly ever that he was so scared that he almost missed his chance.

And this is not magic, this is psychology.

Example #3:

Alina (the name has been changed) brought her twenty-year-old son to therapy, who could not find himself in life, did not know what he wanted, graduated from school and not very successfully, and did not enter the university. He tried to enter the faculty of Management of Organizations, but did not pass the exams. Then he wanted to become a doctor, like his father, so he entered a medical institute, but after the first session he realized that a doctor is not his calling. In therapy he had to return to childhood. It turned out that the guy liked to draw from an early age, he felt the colours very sharply and their combinations. After this therapy session, the young man realized that he would like to become an interior designer, because he helped the family with renovations and he liked it a lot. After the first year of study he completed successfully several projects. People started to recommend him. About five years have passed and now Alina’s son is a successful 3D visualizer. And he needed only 3 meetings with a psychotherapist.

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