For psychotherapists the word supervision means mentoring. Supervision is the psychotherapy for a psychotherapist, and it is, without exaggeration, one of the most important aspects of the training of a practicing psychotherapist. This is the basis without which the practice loses all its meaning, and, moreover, may even harm the client.

Why should you be supervised? Every psychotherapist, whose training comes to an end, undergoes an internship, during which one of the more experienced colleagues observes and guides him in order to avoid harm to the patient. The supervisor is responsible for the work of his less experienced colleague. He conducts sessions for his “ward”, in which he examines in detail his methods of work, the nuances of each specific case and gives tips in order to avoid mistakes in practice, and when necessary, he directs his colleague to psychotherapy.

Supervision helps you to see yourself from the outside, to evaluate your professionalism and to realize the mistakes that are worth working on, to track the relationship between your condition and your methods of work, and also to become a part of the psychotherapeutic community.

For taking part in supervision I invite gestalt therapists, therapists working with eating disorders, participants in psychotherapy training programs, as well as already working therapists who are just thinking about starting the practice and simply interested in learning and acquiring Gestalt therapy skills.

You have a chance:

  • get safe support for skills development
  • explore the relationship psychotherapist/client
  • discuss complex therapeutic cases, get practice supervision, theoretical knowledge
  • become aware of the process of therapy and therapeutic relationships.

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