Training Eating Disorder Therapy

Training in the treatment of eating disorders therapy is carried out according to Valery Patonich's unique author's program, which has shown stunning results.
98% of clients who have completed the program recover completely! And Valery Patonych is ready to share this invaluable experience with you! The program invites: psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, students of medical institutes and psychological faculties, teachers, social workers, as well as those who are interested to do self-discovery and personal growth.

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Author's program for the treatment of eating disorders

The author’s program for the treatment of eating disorders (ED) was developed by Valery Patonych in 2015. The development of the program is based on the practical management of patients with ED. The studies were carried out in an inpatient department. This author’s program has become the basis of all methods of eating disorder therapy and has proven its effectiveness. Due to the depth of immersion in therapy, a deep contact is established between the patient and the therapist, thanks to which the patient recovers faster.
The author’s technique (fissiotherapy) was defended at a conference in the Netherlands in 2019, where it was presented for the first time. In 2020, the technique was presented in Moscow, where it was also successfully defended.


What will training give you?

  1. The opportunity to obtain unique information about the aetiology and treatment of clients with eating disorders.
  2. You will acquire tools that will allow you to unlock much deeper the client with eating disorder.
  3. Immersion in the therapeutic community will allow you to be more empathic and congruent with clients.
  4. Possibility of internship and psychotherapy with eating disorder clients.
  5. Obtaining a specialist certificate.
  6. Employment opportunities in a clinic for those who are going to connect their future life with the treatment of these disorders..



The training program includes 6 three-day sessions:

  • Workshop 1 “When I was not sick” – let’s talk about the causes and development of eating disorders
  • Workshop 2 “The background in which I survive, or the background in which I will die” – parent-child relationships, co-dependent family relationships, what is actually an eating disorder – is it a disease?
  • Workshop 3 “My kind gentle psychotherapist!” – the role of the therapist and the formation of a therapeutic alliance. You will get acquainted with the dual therapy as well, which we directly use in the treatment of eating disorders.
  • Workshop 4 “Dance of therapy” – the main stages in the work of long-term therapy, as well as tools for working in a session with clients with eating disorders.
  • Workshop 5 “Skills of primary consulting for clients with eating disorders” – features of the initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to conduct therapy for a client suffering from anorexia, bulimia, obesity.
  • Workshop 6 – exam and certification!

Training takes place both online and offline.
Each three-day session takes place every 1-1.5 months.
We usually schedule sessions from Friday to Sunday for the convenience of everyone.

The cost of one three-day session is 100 euro.

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